Contribution to the Society

In the field of Medical & Health Care

Started one day free consultation and immunization to poor women and children at Sewa Hospital, Lucknow.

Organized Polio booths on all prescribed dates at Sewa Hospital by Health Department under Polio Eradication Program of Govt. of India.

Established in vitro fertilization lab. at Sewa Hospital giving new hope to issueless couple. The lab is successfully operating.

4. Organised various workshops/national level seminars:

Workshop on Coronary Heart Diseases on 8th nov. 1998.

Diabetes and Hypertension Workshop at Lucknow on 7th Nov. 1998.

Workshop on disability due to polio and treatment by illirozou technique at Lucknow on Nov. 6, 1999.

Workshop on Environment Pollution on 6th June 1996.

5. Organized following workshops/awareness programme on HIV/AIDS:

On 2nd Oct. 1999 at Lekhraj Market, Lucknow.

On 14th Aug. 2000 at Mahanagar, Lucknow.

On 1 Dec. 1998 at Sewa Hospital City OPD, Lucknow.

On 1 Dec., 1997 at Sewa Hospital, Sitapur Road, Lucknow.

Workshop on PCR method of AIDS detection.

Organised two-day national seminar on Assisted Reproductive Technique and infertility at IMDUP, Lucknow

Organised seminar on Kidney Management.

Organised seminar on Potable water on 20th Nov. 1997 at Sewa Hospital, Lucknow.

Organised 7-day workshop on Stress Management, starting from 25th Nov. 1997.

Organised seminar on Population Control at Sewa Hospital, Lucknow.

Organised seminar on Population Control at Sewa Hospital, Lucknow.

Organised seminar on Health & Food-corelation with diseases at Sewa Hospital, Lucknow.

Organised seminar on infectious Diseases-Infection Prevention Week observed at Sewa Hospital, 25th May-29 May, 1996.

6. Fecilitated community health by organising following health camps, eye relief camps, blood donation camps and handicap welfare camps in rural, semi urban and urban areas since 1992.

More than 60 Free Medical Health check-up camps.

More than 40 Eye Operation Camps in which 5000 IOL surgery performed till October 2004.

Health Mela and free Consultancy in various rural and semi urban areas, catering health services to the population of 45000 poor people.

Fecilitated donation of more than 500 tricycles and wheel chairs, artificial limb, hearing aids to physically.

Organised 18 blood donation camps in last 12 years and motivated more than 5000 persons to donate blood.

As President of Indian Medical Association, Lucknow, Initiated movement against quacks in medical profession and Indian system Private Practitioners.

Organised several Continued Medical Education Profession and Indian system Private Practitioners.

Initiated immunization drive in Lucknow in which 24,000 people were administered Hepititis B Vaccination at 37 centres.

Introduced first time in Lucknow the mobile ambulance service.

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