Bora Polyclinic is an organization with an exponential growth rate in an industry where demand far outstrips supply. It is also an organization where each and every partner has the opportunity to make a significant contribution and be recognized, and not merely be a ‘resource’. Bora Polyclinic now offers the opportunity of being part of an organization to execute various government projects including PMKVY.

Bora Polyclinic’s meteoric rise to become one of the top players in the Training and Skill Development space in Healthcare Sector is entirely due to its partners. Thus, a lot of care is taken to choose the right people for the right job. The lists of documents have been attached for the partners who are seeking corporation with Bora Polyclinic Ltd. for PMKVY project.


1. Aadhaar Card of Center owner

2. Firm Registration Documents.

3. Copy of Rent Agreement/Ownership Paper of centre.

4. Self Declaration states that the “Training Centre provided in this project for PMKVY 2.0
      training with Bora Polyclinic, will not be used for any other kind of Government Linked
      skill Development Training Program”.

5. Resume of training & other staff.

6. Copy of graphic of the building plan.

7. Details of Training Center in CAAF format

8. Photographs of Centre