Bora Polyclinic is a training partner of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yogna (PMKVY). PMKVY is ministry’s flagship, demand driven, reward based skill training scheme that proposes to incentivize skill training by providing financial rewards to candidates who successfully complete approved skill training programmes. There are the following initiatives related to this scheme.

Fresh Training- India has a large young workforce. However our industries are still struggling to find suitable talent. This makes it imperative for the youth to be trained and skilled in the necessary sectors to benefit not only them but also the industry. Our mission is not only to train 5000 candidates under PMKVY 2.0 for fresh training but also get them installed with basic employability skills so that after getting placed they can earn livelihood for themselves and their entire family.

Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)- In RPL youth will be assessed and certified for the skills that they already possess. Needless to say, the Recognition of Prior Learning shall greatly benefit multitude of candidates that are currently employed in unregulated sectors but lack any recognised certification. Thus, keeping the necessity of Government Certification in mind, we would like to certify TEN thousand candidates under RPL program enhancing their growth opportunities and minimizing the gap under same knowledge level.

Digital India- Along with skill India it is important that the youth of the country is trained in technology to make part of the digital- based era. The mode of education went digital ages ago but it was not fairly used in vocation education and skill building. Now with digital India initiatives, digital learning is the only way forward to build a skill India and achieve demographic dividend which we have envisioned for ourselves.