Our vision is to transform India through skills at scale and speed with standards. We want to make our people economically independent. Since skilling is about practice and constant learning we are focused on desire to do and desire to learn. This vocational education is closely associated with socio economic development. It stimulates human mind towards creative thinking and such creative thinking should be taken up from primary to higher level of education.

Bora Polyclinic strives to create a curriculum that focuses not only on delivering the core skills required for the job, but also enhances the overall persona of its trainee. In the next several years, Bora Polyclinic will join hands with multiple Govt. organizations to elevate the curriculum in terms of quality & outreach.

Bora Polyclinic partners with both the industry and the government, it is in a better position to understand the demands of the employer (industry) and build course content and training solution that are relevant for the industry.

We believe while providing a young workforce with the right skills is important to grant them employment, it is not enough. There is a need to make them self-reliant and self-employed. The number of persons that the government is aiming to skill cannot be met by wage employment alone. Hence, taking cognisance of this fact we have Entrepreneurship along with skill development.